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Retirement Risk #20: Heirs — Balancing Legacy & Retirement Spending

Leaving a Legacy vs. Enjoying Retirement: It Doesn’t Have to be One or the Other

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to leave money to those you care...

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Retirement Risk #19: Home Healthcare — An Essential Piece of Aging in Place

What Retirees Could Expect in Home Health Costs

According to AARP, 90% of adults 65 or older want to stay put in retirement, choosing their homes...

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Retirement Risk #18: Long-Term Care — One Risk Many Retirees Worry About

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Long-term care often comes with a hefty price tag — one retirees may struggle to plan and pay for.

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Retirement Risk #17: Aging at Home — The Potential Costs of Staying Put

Challenges & Opportunities for Retirees Who Want to Stay in Their Homes

Aging in place is something many retirees want, but does it make sense from a...

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Retirement Risk #16: Loss of a Spouse — How to Help Plan for the Unimaginable

Losing a Spouse in Retirement Can Have Financial Impacts, Too

No one wants to think about what would happen if a spouse passes away. However, in...

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Retirement Risk #15: Home Maintenance & Repairs — Plan for Hefty Costs

Even Mortgage-Free Homes Can Cost Retirees Bigtime

Retirees may underestimate how much home maintenance could cost throughout retirement. Even...

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Retirement Risk #14: Dental Care — Costs Could Deplete Retirees’ Nest Eggs

Surprising Costs of Aging Teeth 

According to healthcare cost software provider HealthView Services, a healthy 65-year-old couple retiring in 2019...

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Retirement Risk #13: Uncovered Prescription Costs — They Can Really Add Up In ...

Retirees May Be Surprised to See Their Monthly Drug Expenses 

There’s a common misperception that all you retirees need is the basic level of...

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Retirement Risk #12: Health Care Costs After Age 65

For Retirees, Health Expenses Can Really Add Up

Some of the biggest unknowns in retirement can be how much medical care we may need and how much it...

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Retirement Risk #10: Caring for Aging Parents — A Costly Challenge

Elder Care for Your Elders: Addressing Something Many Retirees Don’t Think About  

The longer we live, the more money we need in retirement. 

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Retirement Risk #9: Helping Kids and Grandkids

How Retirees Can Help Prepare for Family Emergencies

We retire from careers, not being parents or grandparents. So, how can retirees help provide a...

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Retirement Risk #8: Emergency Fund for Unknown Expenses

How Old Money Habits Can Serve Retirees Well

How should retirees pay for emergencies? While retirement nest eggs are technically savings accounts, a...

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Retirement Risk #6: Running Out of Money — A Real Fear That Can Derail ...

Making Our Savings Last Can Be Challenging

Running out of money has been a top concern for retirees for several years. Now, thanks to these...

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Retirement Risk #5: Economic Uncertainty — Don’t Let it Upend Retirement

The Unknowns in Retirement Can Stump Even the Most Prepared Retirees

The ups and downs of our economy can be challenging for everyone, especially...

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Retirement Risk #4: Canceled Plans — Addressing a Subtle Risk

The transition to retirement can be tricky for many, as spending discretionary income we can’t make back seems risky.

How can retirees spend on the...

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Retirement Risk #3: Early Retirement Income Shortfall — Some May Face a Gap

Navigating a Potential Roadblock to Early Retirement

Being mentally and financially ready for retirement are two separate things. And some of the...

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Retirement Risk #2: Salary Dependence — When Spouses Stagger Timelines, Trouble ...

Marriage May Be Less Blissful When Only One Retires

It’s not uncommon for one spouse to retire before the other does. However, this situation could...

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Retirement Risk #1: Loss of Income — A Common Roadblock for Retirees

How Not Planning for This Reality Can Complicate Retirement

The transition into retirement can shake the most well-prepared retirees. And coming face...

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The Best 3 RV Trips to Take in Retirement

Finally in retirement you have all the time in the world, to go wherever you want. Now, traveling is probably the first thing you want to plan.

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