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Heyday is proud to serve retirees and those nearing retirement, each with their own unique retirement goals. We help them determine their ideal retirement, then create a retirement income plan to create guaranteed income that will last their lifetime.
Every situation is different, but many of our clients leverage $100k or more of their retirement savings to generate income that will supplement their pensions, Social Security and other income sources.

Who We Are

Heyday combines personal service with innovative software to help retirees ensure their nest eggs last as long as they need them to. Our team is made up of insurance and financial service veterans, many of whom have decades of experience exclusively serving retirees. We’re so passionate about helping retirees protect their savings from costly retirement risks that we developed online tools to bring our unique planning approach to even more retirees.
Eric Stratton Heyday Founder and President

Eric Stratton

Heyday Founder and President

With two decades of experience working with retirees, Eric understands their concerns, needs and risks. He’s spent his career perfecting the ideal planning approach to help retirees reduce financial risks and enjoy their retirement to the fullest.
His unique approach helps retirees budget and plan for the things they’ve always wanted to do, as well as the potential risks that may keep them up at night. The result? A customized strategy for everything on their list, backed by guaranteed income.
Cindy Website

Cindy Collins

Executive Vice President, Education

A licensed financial professional with 30 years of experience, Cindy Collins educates retirees and pre-retirees through informative lectures on a range of topics, writes articles for leading publications like Forbes, meets with clients to address their needs — and she does it all with personality and style. Cindy also contributes to Heyday’s blog and library of informative resources, including e-books and videos.
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jake background

Jake Blair

Executive Vice President

Jake has spent the last seven years applying Eric Stratton's approach and vision to help clients secure their retirement through annuities and insurance products.
He brings passion — and compassion — to each retiree he works with. Thoroughly listening to uncover all client concerns and goals, Jake applies those insights to create a plan that addresses them all in the best way possible. 

Amy Proffitt

Vice President, Support

Amy has been an integral part of the Heyday team since before Day 1 — she worked with the founding team for almost 10 years before launch.
Her extensive experience in client support spans decades, and it shows.

What We Do

Heyday provides personalized solutions for retirees and pre-retirees who:

  • Are concerned about volatile markets
  • Want to know how much they can safely spend
  • Want income stability later without taking from today
  • Are interested in creating annuity income*
  • Need a plan in case a spouse passes
  • Would like guidance on when they can safely retire
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Tried-and-proven approach

Throughout the years, we perfected the strategies we use to help clients minimize risk and maximize enjoyment with guaranteed lifetime income.


Hundreds of happy clients

Heyday’s founding team has helped hundreds of clients reduce risk and protect their retirement income. Here’s what some of them have to say about working with us:


David O.

“I’ve known Eric for about nine years. He’s done a wonderful job of handling the money to help me avoid paying unnecessary taxes, avoid market volatility and have an income stream I can count on in the future, no matter what may happen.”

jack and evelyn i

Jack & Evelyn I.

“Since we’ve been here, we’re so much more relaxed. No matter what the market does, we can sleep at night and not worry.


Innovative tools and resources

We develop unique tools to help retirees price — and plan for — the key challenges they may face that could derail retirement. With close partnership with scholars, economists and authors, we also created a free content library of informative e-books and videos.


Thought leadership


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