What can the free Heyday app do for you?

Create a retirement income plan and much more.

 Use the Heyday app to:

Help Convert Your Savings Into A Stream Of Guaranteed Income

Making the transition from saving for retirement to actually being retired is tough for a lot of people. By having a guaranteed income stream, you can help eliminate many of the challenges retirees face by trying to make a lump sum last for an unknown number of years.

• Transform your higher-risk investments into lifetime income

• Help protect yourself from many unknowns by seeing exactly what you’ll receive each month

• Plan — and budget for — your goals, concerns and expenses knowing the income is guaranteed

Live To 100 And Beyond Without Outliving Your Money

Running out of money can be a top concern for retirees, and for good reason. That’s why Heyday’s custom retirement income plans help ensure you will receive guaranteed funds for the rest of your life!  

• Get a detailed account of what you’ll receive each month  

• See how much retirement income you’ll have coming in, no matter how long you live

• When you follow your retirement income plan, there’s no need to spend less during your early retirement years to make your money last. It will because it’s backed by guaranteed lifetime income!

Know How Much You Need To Fund The Retirement You Want

None of us can completely predict the future. But the Heyday app factors your retirement goals, challenges and a detailed list of your expenses to help accurately project how much retirement income you may need for the rest of your life. And you can build a plan with the Heyday app for free!

• Determine how much you’ll spend on the fun things on your list

• Earmark part of your budget for unplanned expenses, health care — whatever you’re most worried about

• See how much your living expenses may be for each year of your retirement

Create A Detailed List Of Your Retirement Goals, Then Budget For Them All

The older we get, the more conservative we become about what we’d like to do in retirement. The Heyday app starts with your goals — what you’ve worked so hard for and looked forward to. Once you know you can help fund these fun activities with guaranteed income, the only thing left to do is enjoy them!

• Learn how much you may need to fund your retirement “dreams”

• Cross those things you’ve always dreamt about off your to-do list knowing you won’t run out of money

• Replace “Can I afford it?” with “Where to?”

Set Yourself Up To Receive Steady Income, Even If The Market Crashes

Inflation. Stock market volatility. Deflation. The Heyday app will help you customize a retirement income plan that helps protect your future from key financial risks by establishing income that is guaranteed. No matter what the market feels like doing, you’ll have the steady income to keep enjoying your retirement.

• Know your expenses can be covered during an economic crisis

• Forget about inflation and focus on living your best retirement

• Don’t just sleep better — make retirement your Heyday with guaranteed income

Create Monthly Checks Instead Of Pulling From Your Savings

Throughout our careers, we rely on steady income to manage our finances, save for the future and plan fun activities. In retirement, many feel they have to live off of a lump sum, which can make budgeting a real challenge.

Our Heyday app will help you build a retirement income plan that pays you monthly, so you can keep managing your money in a way you’ve already mastered.

• Get monthly “paychecks” for the rest of your life

• Spend your money knowing exactly how much you’ll have coming in the following month

• Successfully manage your finances without having to learn a new approach  

The Heyday app is more than free software — it helps provide the confidence you need to get the retirement you deserve.

The prime of your life is here. Let our innovative app help you create a great retirement.

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