How does the free Heyday App work?



Creating a plan for retirement can be complex, but the Heyday App makes it simple:

Answer Simple Questions About Your Goals

The free Heyday app is fun and easy to use right off the bat. It asks questions about your goals and challenges, and automatically builds a plan based on your answers.

Uncover Your Potential Risks

Every retirement comes with risks - healthcare expenses, outliving your money, inflation, and much more. We help you think of everything related to your retirement to ensure you cover these costs with guaranteed lifetime income.

Our Algorithm Does The Heavy Lifting

You don’t have to be a math whiz to use Heyday. Our advanced algorithm calculates your income need, crunches the numbers, and determines how to get you the most income possible for the least amount of money.

Get A Detailed Forecast Of Your Complete Retirement Expenses

How much will you need to fund your living expenses, goals and challenges in retirement? By the time you're done, you'll have a clear forecast, including inflation.

Worry-Free Data Security

Keeping your financial information safe is a top priority. That’s why Heyday uses the latest security measures and protocols, including encryption and off-site, cloud-based storage to help ensure your information stays protected.

Helpful Videos At Every Step

Experienced authors, professors, and professionals explain key concepts in short, informative videos.

Free Live Support

You will have your own Personal Heyday Assistant, an experienced financial professional, available to help whenever you need it. Chat live within Heyday, or request a phone or video call for real-time, free support.

Online, Anytime Access

Login to your free Heyday account from any browser and any device, without having to download an app.

Set yourself up for a more secure retirement. The Heyday app can make it easy.

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