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At Heyday, we believe a well-rounded retirement plan begins with a well-informed retiree. So weʼve created Heyday Live events. Held at your local universities, restaurants, and meeting halls, these events are designed to help you understand the details of an actionable retirement income plan and how to get the ball rolling on helping secure your ideal retirement.
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Solutions for Retirement's Income Uncertainties

You've been to seminars that discuss retirement problems; this event is about solutions.

For retirees and those nearing retirement, there are some common concerns about retirement income- Am I spending too much? Will I deplete my savings? Am I taking too much risk? - This could cause them to lower their lifestyle- spend less, travel less, even go back to work.

The Heyday App offers a simple solution to these uncertainties. Forecast your spending, your income, the costs of your goals and potential risks, including inflation, for the entirety of your retirement. Uncover years where your expenses could potentially exceed your income- and how to help close the gap.

In this free workshop, all attendees, in a friendly, instructor-led class, will use the Heyday App to create a retirement income plan. Bring your laptop or tablet, or one will be provided for you. (Please let us know on your registration which you prefer.)

Your instructor will walk through the app, step by step, and at the end of the class attendees will have a completed strategy. Use your real life numbers, or use sample data to simply learn how to use the app on your own.

There is no cost or obligation for this event and a complimentary dinner will be catered by Maggiano's Little Italy. (Please let us know of any special dietary needs.) Bring your spouse, bring a friend, or come and meet some new friends!

This event is sponsored by Heyday Retirement and held at the local offices of Stratton & Company, a Jacksonville retirement strategies firm. All attendees will be offered a plan review with Stratton & Company. There is no obligation and you can use your completed Heyday plan with your own advisor or agent.

Join us and a group of like-minded retirees for this fun, complimentary dinner event!

Join us in Jacksonville, Florida:
  • When: Thursday, July 18th at 6:00 P.M.
  • Who: All retirees and those nearing retirement
  • Cost: Free, Dinner is Included
  • Where: Stratton & Company Offices, 7807 Baymeadows Road East, Suite 402., Jacksonville, FL 32256

Presented by Cindy Collins.

Forbes and MarketWatch RetireMentor Contributor with 30 years of financial experience.
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