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How much does it cost to use the Heyday retirement income planner app?

The Heyday app is completely free. There are no monthly fees or signup fees; no credit card is required. This means you can create a full retirement income plan in Heyday and pay nothing unless you decide to purchase some or all of the insurance products suggested in the plan.

Sample Heyday Retirement Income Plan


How can I be sure my financial information will be kept secure and private?

The security of your personal information is a top priority. Heyday implements and maintains a host of security procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. Here’s how:

  • SSL Certificate

    Our website and the Heyday app have obtained SSL web certificates which establish a secure connection by encrypting your information as its being transmitted.
  • Secure Microsoft Cloud Platform

    Heyday doesn’t store your personal information on our own servers. Instead, we use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform that utilizes industry best practices and multi-layered security across several data centers around the globe.

To learn more, please read Heyday’s terms of service and privacy policy.


Am I eligible to create a retirement income plan with the Heyday app?

  • A few years away from retirement

  • Ready to retire

  • Have been retired less than 10 years

Additional restrictions may apply based on available assets and financial product requirements.

If you’re a U.S. citizen who lives outside of Florida, we may be able to assist you through one of our partners.

Please contact Heyday Retirement for additional information.


How do I get started?

Visit the Heyday app to get started and create a free profile. Videos and interactive components will guide you step-by-step through the process to help identify your retirement goals, challenges, recurring expenses and even the income you’ll have from Social Security, pensions and other sources.

All of this information is used to design an actionable retirement income plan tailored to your unique wants, needs and financial situation.


What if I have questions or need help?

There are many ways to reach out with questions on the retirement income planner app:


What info do I need to use the Heyday app?

You can complete the Heyday app over the course of days or weeks, or build your plan in one sitting it’s totally up to you.

To complete the entire process, you will need to provide thefollowing information:

  • Retirement age of you and your spouse (if applicable)

  • Schedule a meeting

  • Your monthly expenses

  • Your retirement income sources, like pensions and Social Security

The app will also walk you through your goals, plus any challenges you’d like to plan for in retirement.


Why do I need to provide such detailed financial information?

Since Heyday’s retirement income plans are tailored to your specific goals and finances, it’s important to be as accurate as possible.

This custom plan is meant to be an actionable roadmap to helping you attain your unique retirement goals and includes “buckets” of funds designated for the activities you’d like to prepare for.


How much experience does Heyday have?

The Heyday team has been helping retirees and pre-retirees secure their retirement financial strategies since 2001. The lessons learned over the past 17 years are the guiding principles used in the Heyday approach and algorithm we use to create custom retirement income plans.

Learn more about Heyday here.

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